Modern Investment management with

The Future of Real Estate Investment Management™

CaudexCRE® provides a comprehensive real estate investment management platform that tailors specifically to the needs of investment managers and investors.

One App, Unlimited Users

We Built What Was Needed!

GP / Sponsors

Tools to make simplify your management

Caudex® is your virtual investment toolbox and back office.

  • Investment level management that you can dig down to individual property level information.
  • Investor Distribution management
  • Deal Room
  • CRM
  • Automated Reporting
  • Messaging
  • Document management
  • and more

LP / Investors

Transparency into your investments

Caudex gives information LPs want when they want it. Whether its

  • historical performance,
  • easy communication with managers,
  • a single place to store investment related documents,
  • or cross referencing investment data across all of your real estate investment.

Caudex has you covered!

Institutions & Endowments

Manage and Deploy Capital, in One-Place

Compare all aspects of your investments and managers performance within your portfolio's across all your partners.

Family Office & Managers

Manage Complex Capital Portfolio's

Easily Manage 1 to 1,000's of investments in one place. Simplifying the process and reducing hands-on management.


Get access to all the information needed to handle K1s

Caudex handles all the data needed to calculate complex financial documents including k-1 potential taxes due. Managers and Investors can give accountants access to information necessary to support there clients.

Combining Trust, Transparency, and Technology ™

Benefits of Caudex

One platform

CaudexCRE is a cloud-based intelligence platform that empowers real estate investment teams to easily manage the most complex portfolios.

Built for all investors

Whether you're managing $100B or $1M, you're able to use CaudexCRE. We built a flexible platform that allows you to manage assets and give transparency to your investors.

Aggregate Portfolio

Easily access and manage all of your investments in one place with our Individual Investment Performance and comprehensive portfolio management.

Document Storage

Access, review, sign, upload, download and share all your investment documents in one, secure place in real-time, at the click of a button. We are integrated with Pandadoc, Docusign, and DocSend.

Transparent & Actionable Reporting

Using real time data, Caudex reporting software creates comprehensive standardized reports for real estate investment management teams and investors. Choose from over 15 different templates and create automated standardized reports in seconds.

Investor CRM

Communicate directly with individuals or a group of investors effortlessly, while tracking historical communications in one centralized location. Reducing task associated with managing investors by over 30%


See for yourself

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