The platform you’ve been asking for has finally arrived.

Caudex was developed with the investor in mind, aiming to create transparency, trust, comprehensive reporting, and a real-time view of your real estate investments.

Having been LPs, we understand your hardships and have worked to solve them.

Combining Trust, Transparency, and technology ™ in an integrated solution.
Investment Aggregation
One view, all your assets, zero confusion.
Easily access, manage, and view all your investments in one place.
Our platform is designed to keep your data safe.
Simple reporting structures to track and monitor all your real estate investments.
Transparency into all investment performance, including active and historical performance.
centralized platform
All your accounts, all your managers, in one place.
Invest with multiple managers or separate accounts, all centralized in one application.
document storage
All investment documents and K-1 management in one place.
Easily self-generate reports or view reports generated for you.
Access & collaboration
You control who has access to what—invite your accountant, lawyer, and any other individual.
Market-sphere “Root”
Explore opportunities for other real estate investments.
investment offerings
Receive, review, indicate interest, and commit capital—all in one place.
Investment Communication
All your investment communications at your fingertips.

Solutions to help manage real estate investments with ease.

Combining Trust, Transparency, and technology ™ in an integrated solution.
Document storage
No more searching for hours on end
Access, review, sign, upload, download, and share all your investment documents in one secure place in real-time, at the click of a button.
Easy to use
Enjoy a seamless user experience
An intuitive and easy-to-use platform that delivers what you are looking for.
simplified communication
Communicate however you want, wherever you are.
Ask questions, request files, and send messages directly to managing partners.
Easy Payments
Move funds securely and easily with our banking integrations.
Commit capital and receive distributions at the click of a button to the account you have linked for that investment.
Seamless connectivity
Access anytime, anywhere, from any device.
Whether you're at the office on your desktop, on the road, or relaxing at the beach, Caudex is accessible anywhere via our web and mobile app.
Streamlined reporting
Generate reports in seconds for any investment.
Self-generate reports for specific investments, accounts, managers, and more.
Real-time data
From the people who have it to the people who want it.
All your questions answered. We get the data from the people who have it to your hands.
Off Platform Investments
No manager? No problem.  
Add investments not managed by an active manager. You can self-manage these investments yourself via our subscription or invite managers to the platform.