Solutions made for GPs, Sponsors and Real Estate Operators

Join 100+ managers who use Caudex to manage the entire lifecycle of active and prospective investments.

Features that let you focus on investing

Combining Trust, Transparency, and technology ™ in an integrated solution.
EAsy Onboarding
Onboard in hours, not months.
Still waiting to onboard with that other real estate platform? Our platform takes just minutes to master and gets you up, running, and investing in under 24 hours.
robust system of 2-factor authentication, AICPA / SOC-2
All data structured and presented in consistent format.
For you and your investors.
Investment Aggregation
All your investments in one place
Investment performance
Transparency into all investment performance including historical and active.
Financial management
Data infrastructure allows for historical to real-time financial management.
Investor CRM
Manage all your communication in one place
Streamline communication, driving investor engagement and satisfaction in-app or through email.
Create notes, tasks, and reminders to easily follow up with prospective investors.
document storage
Easily upload and share investment or investor specific documents in seconds.
Automated reporting
Choose from 15 standardized reports,  or create custom  and personalized reports.
Access and Collaboration
You control who has access to what and when.
CDX Root
Raise capital more easily with our marketplace and gain access to thousands of investors.
investment offerings
Create and share with active or prospective investors, and provide digital subscriptions in real-time.
deal room
Manage your pipeline of prospective investments and opportunities.
Waterfalls, analysis, markets, document parsing, business intelligence, and data processing.
KYC, CDD, and AML are performed in real-time on a recurring basis, helping managers achieve AML compliance effectively.
Our pricing equates to a small percentage of a traditional real estate management fee, with all features included.
Investor pOsitions
View real-time investor positions by investment, accounts, holding companies, and share classes.
Investor relations
Spend more time on revenue-driving activities.
Replace outdated processes and embrace digitalization.

Solutions designed to make your life easier.

Combining Trust, Transparency, and technology ™ in an integrated solution.
simplified communication
Communicate however you want, wherever you want
Send messages, texts, and emails to individual or groups of active or prospective investors in seconds.
Automated Capital events
Send capital calls & distributions through Caudex
Generate and schedule capital calls or distributions, and automatically send notifications and customized statements to investors. Execute direct payments or retrieve funds with just a click.
Investment aggregation
Manage all your investments in one application
Easily access and manage all your investments in one place with our comprehensive portfolio management.
Cutting-Edge Security
Rest easy knowing you’re safe with us.
In addition to using airtight encryption protocols for your account, data, and information, we have a robust system featuring 2-factor authentication, AICPA/SOC-2 compliance, and decentralization to reduce risk.
Easy to use
Enjoy a seamless user experience
Our user-friendly interface means you spend less time navigating menus and more time closing deals. If we missed something, our incredibly fast development team can build it faster than the speed of light.
Real time data
From the people who have it to the people who want it.
All your questions answered. We get the data from the people who have it to the people who want it.
Seamless connectivity
Access anytime, anywhere from any device
Whether you're in the office on your desktop computer or on the road, you can access Caudex through the web or our mobile application.
Cdx Root®
Get access to new accredited investors
Wave goodbye to the digital dark ages,  let's close deals at the speed of light, not glacial paperwork! Put investments on the primary or secondary market to expand your footprint.
Best in class service
One-on-one Support
Your needs come first, and high-touch, white-glove service is part of the Caudex package for managers. Invest with confidence knowing a dedicated relationship manager is available 24/7.
seamless reporting
Generate reports in seconds for any investment.
Fund, investment, or individual investors—choose from 15 standardized reports and updates that can be personalized and distributed at the click of a button.